Sony Partners With Theta Labs For 3D Visuals In The Metaverse TechRadar

Non-fungible tokens have received a lot of hype, and entertainment brands are looking for ways to use NFTs to create better visual engagement with their fans. NFTs are now moving to 3D, and Sony wants to be the company that takes these digital assets to the next level.

Sony partners with Theta Labs

Sony issued a press release sayingit will partner with Theta Labs (THETA) for its latest initiative regarding 3D NFTs. The entertainment company said these NFTs will be used in Sony’s spatial reality display.

Sony’s Spatial Reality Display is a display unit that contains high-speed vision sensors. The technology tracks eye movements to develop 3D images based on eye position. The device does not adopt the use of glasses and other accessories worn in the eyes.

The device went on sale towards the end of 2020 and its retail price is around $5000. Theta Labs said that during the pilot phase of this project, the parties involved would be engaged in a scenario where non-fungible tokens “representing any digital object, avatar, or collectible in the world can be viewed and displayed in 3D mixed reality without glasses”. form.”

According to Theta Labs, this decision would improve the visuals of the metaverse. The company said the 3D visuals would provide “a new reality and physical presence to the metaverse.”

The project will also feature NFTs powered by Theta Labs. The NFTs will include ten versions of a token dubbed “The Tiki Guy”. The ten tokens will allow owners with a US shipping address to use the Sony Capital Reality Display device.

The design of these NFTs is inspired by the Tiki masks associated with ancient Hawaiian and Polynesian cultures. These masks are created by hand and decorated with wood. They represent deities, and they were used to fight evil spirits.

According to Theta, the Sony Spatial Reality Display would provide a unique and stunning experience involving NFTs. The display would “present NFTs and virtual experiences in a whole new way.”

NFTs containing mask themes will be used to show the future capability of Sony’s proposed spatial reality display. Theta Labs added that it would allow collectors to access the digital metaverse “in a truly 3D, prop-free way.”

According to the company, people without access to 3D display units will also have 2D versions that will be used to view conventional screens. Theta Labs further stated that the partnership would allow NFTs that represent anything in the real world to be used in visualization and display as glasses-free 3D mixed reality. It will “bring a new reality and physical presence to the metaverse”.

Sony’s journey into crypto

Sony’s music and entertainment divisions have become very active in the NFT and crypto sectors. The company previously said that NFTs were “just the latest way” to show the growing adoption of technology related to the metaverse.

Sony is also tied into issuing a “Baby Shark” token through a partnership with South Korean Pinkfong. He also worked on Superman’s NFTs. In April, Sony and Universal announced a partnership with Snowcrash, an NFT trading platform linked to Bob Dylan.

Theta Labs is also active in the NFT space. The company has partnered with electronics giant Samsung to release a variety of NFTs. The NFTs were to mark the release of two new smart devices developed by Samsung. Commemorative NFTs were available to customers who had pre-booked and pre-ordered devices in South Korea.

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Sony Partners With Theta Labs For 3D Visuals In The Metaverse TechRadar

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