Stay safe ! This deadly new scam empties your crypto wallet

MetaMask just reported a new scam still new but terribly effective. Find out how to protect yourself.

New year, new scam techniques. This, at least, seems to be the credo of cybercriminals who have found a new way to steal cryptocurrencies.

In a communicatedthe team of MetaMask reported the presence of a any new dreadful technique that could spread at high speed throughout the crypto sphere.

Called “Address Poisoning”, this one is incredibly simple to set up. All the thief has to do is make a transaction through the wallet crypto of his victim… and let him do the rest.

You send a regular, daily transaction to a friend. The scammer, who has software that monitors transfers of certain tokens, notices this. It uses a generator to create an address that closely matches yours. The scammer then sends a transaction of negligible value to this fictitious account, so that it appears in your history. Since their fictitious address looks like yours, it’s entirely possible that the next time you need your address, you can inadvertently copy their address from your transaction history and paste it elsewhere. So if you paste their address by accident, you will send them funds.

Excerpt from press release MetaMask

Source: MetaMask Twitter account

You can nevertheless stem the phenomenon

With this new technique, cybercriminals rely on the lack of vigilance of their victims.

Indeed, the scammers realized that the crypto addresses were so long that many users were content, before carrying out a transaction, to verify them by reading their first and last 5 characters. A phenomenon to which manyapps or crypto platforms participate by shortening addresses and hiding middle signals.

crypto scam

You will have understood it: to protect yourself from this crypto scam, there is no need to rely on the support of the platforms for the moment. At least, until the transactions are reversible.

The only solution is to equip yourself with a password manager and register your crypto addresses there. as well as those you use frequently. You can then copy them safely. The most suspicious can, of course, always copy them by hand.

The moral of the story: always verify crypto addresses before making a transaction.


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Stay safe ! This deadly new scam empties your crypto wallet

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