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One of the newer activities within DeFi and the crypto space seems to be fighting cheaters. These opportunistic “investors” who jeopardize the sustainability of an ever-increasing number of projects for the purposes of quick and personal profits. A practice whose propagation takes the form of a veritable gangrene accelerated by the beginnings of a still nascent adoption of this sector. With diversions of all kinds, intended to steal the community rewards set up for effective and enthusiastic users. And as the latest victim, the emblematic project of move to earn StepN (GMT).

No need for hackers in ambush to kill a protocol in the cryptocurrency universe. It only takes a few greedy users to destabilize an entire community gathered around a promising project. With practices whose objective is often to develop intensive breeding of rewards or airdrops. This without ever worrying about the inevitable digital damage in the more or less short term. And the need for the projects concerned to find internal solutions in an attempt to reduce the nuisance capacity of these cheaters.

A reality that has just touched the StepN project, historical and undisputed leader of the brand new sector of move to earn. With, for example, the establishment of real farms of runners. An incorrect practice that allows whales of digital basketball (sneaker) to divert the principle of liquidity mining linked to this sporting activity, supposed to be beneficial and individual. To the point of forcing its developers to add an update presented as “anti-cheating. » And that’s when it all gets complicated.

StepN – An “anti-cheat” update

The move to earn StepN project is currently encountering some difficulties. Even though its GMT cryptocurrency was among the few to record a significant increase a few weeks ago. But that was without counting on China, at the origin of a recent ban on its services scheduled for July. This about its GPS tracking features and referencing the IP addresses of its users. The latter do not fall – ironically – within the framework of the Chinese law on the protection of personal information (PIPL). Because everyone knows very well that this country is recognized for its respect for these basic principles…


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But that might not be the biggest problem with this sports reward app. Because, at the same time, StepN faces a significant increase in inappropriate behavior in the context of the use of its services. With an ever-increasing number of what its developers unequivocally call “cheaters.” » Reason why a update had to be carried out, in order to limit their harmful impact on the whole of its community.

Cheaters risk artificially inflating the prices of tokens and NFTs, throwing the whole system out of sync. Plus, it’s just plain unethical. That’s why at STEPN, fighting cheating is our top priority.. »


StepN – Victim of a DDoS attack

A necessary implementation, the implementation of which was to take place this weekend. With the main modification, the addition of a functionality for detecting inappropriate behavior. And the risk for violators of not receiving the rewards related to the activity concerned. But all obviously did not go as planned. Is it due to the anger of certain yield manipulators, directly affected by this modification? Or simply a consequence of the development of the StepN project on the Solana network (SOL), accustomed to this kind of repetitive bugs? Whatever, a succession of denial of service (DDos) attacks caused a problematic overload of its server for several hours.

We have suffered several DDOS attacks over the past few hours. Securing servers and recovering can take 1-12 hours. We recommend that you rest during the interview, otherwise the workouts may not be recorded correctly. »


Indeed, this overload of requests (25 million) sent to the server caused some users to be banned as bots. And the need for the developers of the StepN project to make some urgent adjustments. This is to stabilize the management of the data received and to improve the processing of information from its crypto-athletes.


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Adjustments visibly completed, since everything now seems to be back to normal. Ef in order to apologize for the inconvenience caused, a doubling of rewards operation has been set up over a fixed period, “without exceeding the upper limit of 20 energies. » All the details are available on his account Discord. With only one question in the end: will all this really make it possible to reduce inappropriate behavior? Because you should never underestimate the ability of cheaters to find a way around the rules… A case to follow.

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StepN (GMT) – DDoS attack following an “anti-cheater” update – CryptoActu

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