Susumi Coin Launches IDO On P2PB2B Crypto Exchange

Charlestown, Nevis, June 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Susumi, a platform to facilitate blockchain crowdfunding, has launched the IDO for the native coin, $SUSU, on the P2PB2B Crypto Exchange. Considering the creative idea, global ecosystem, unlimited rewards, and user-oriented features, Susumi will be the next big thing in the blockchain industry.

Traditional Susu has been an excellent social finance model for individuals to raise large sums of money through their network of friends. While classic crowdfunding has also opened up a new financial solution for projects and even individuals. But, both systems have serious limitations. Issues of trust and good record keeping can affect the practice of Susu and as good as it is, the facts are that up to 80% of conventional crowdfunding campaigns fail to achieve their goals.


This is where Susumi, a decentralized application (dApp), comes in to help eliminate the problems faced by both traditional Susu methods and conventional crowdfunding methods by allowing people to quickly fundraise in a secure and transparent with a higher probability of success for campaigns.

So, when it is necessary to raise funds through a network of friends, contacts or within a community, Susumi would be the ideal platform to finance the project.

During the IDO (Initial Dex Offering) from June 15, 2022, investors can acquire the $SUSU token at a low price and sell it at a substantial profit once the token is listed. They can buy $SUSU on the P2PB2B exchange for $0.003 today in a simple process using their Metamask wallet. Alternatively, they can register and create a wallet directly on the Susumi app and purchase tokens directly from a Susumi wallet.

The Crowdsale period ends on August 1 and full Token trading will begin. Investing in $SUSU Coin now gives the opportunity to earn multiple times the investment when Susumi Coin is listed as there will be high demand for this coin. So, don’t miss this great opportunity!

Why choose Susumi?

The unique feature of the Susumi model is that when donations are made in stablecoins through a crowdfunding campaign, donors receive a reward in $SUSU tokens equal to the amount they donated.
Whether someone is an investor or wants to raise funds, Susumi already has a solution for you. This makes crowdfunding easier for the recipient while rewarding the donor for their participation. So it’s a win-win for everyone involved in the process.

Instead of relying on a few large investors, Susumi uses a large number of small investors to speed up crowdfunding and streamline the process.
Creating a campaign is very easy, users just need to fill in the relevant details, mention the amount of funds required, stake the $SUSU tokens and publish the campaign on Susumi.
Just make sure you have $SUSU coins in your Susumi wallet. Once the required amount is reached through investor donations, it can be easily withdrawn.
The best part, if the required funds are not crowdfunded within 30 days of creation, they will be automatically transferred to the owner’s wallet. So, none of the users would lose their hard earned assets under any situation.

Remember that users will only receive the rewards if the funds have expired, or in simple terms, the crowdfunding goal has been reached, and donors receive rewards in the form of $SUSU tokens totaling 100% of the value of the BUSD/USDT coins at the time the fund was created.

All about the $SUSU token

$SUSU is the native token of the Susumi ecosystem. It has a total supply of 100,000,000,000, of which 1,500,000,000 would be available during the Crowdsale. An additional 1,000,000,000 tokens would be reserved for team bonuses, while 2,500,000,000 would be kept for exchange liquidity.

95% of the total supply will be deposited in the Susu Smart Contract Wallet.

This is how proper demand and supply of the $SUSU token is maintained. First, a user stakes a certain number of $SUSU tokens to start a campaign, and those who subscribe receive rewards. These rewards can then be used to stake tokens to create new campaigns, completing the cycle.

To ensure that the value of the $SUSU token is not based on market speculation, the platform will reward users based on the value of the token at the time of subscription to a campaign. Susumi’s pricing algorithm is designed in such a way that it calculates the demand for reward tokens relative to the total contract supply. This helps to ensure that there are always enough tokens in circulation to reward investors and keep the price free from market speculation.

Susumi Community NFT Collection

There are 16 ranks on the Susumi ecosystem, assigned based on the level of user participation. These ranks are represented by an NFT-encoded icon. As users progress through the ranks, the rewards, as well as their position in the ecosystem, increase. So, try to reach the highest rank i.e. tribal leader for maximum rewards.

Susumi intends not only to be a crowdfunding platform, but also to become a place where communities are built, great ideas flourish and take the form of successful projects. So, be sure to register on Susumi and immediately invest in the $SUSU token for maximum ROI.

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Susumi Coin Launches IDO On P2PB2B Crypto Exchange

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