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A new word from the world of cryptocurrency has entered the dictionary. Maybe a detail for some, but for the crypto sphere it means a lot.

Non-fungible tokens find their way to big words

Each year, the Larousse dictionary is republished with new words. A true witness of our time, the dictionary takes note of all the popular expressions of our time to immortalize them on its pages. For this new edition 2023the crypto sphere has not been forgotten.

Indeed, the word NFT is now one of the 150 new terms defined by the most famous reference book, including wokisme or Covid. Non-fungible tokens are defined as follows:

Non-reproducible and tamper-proof digital file representing a unique asset, virtual or physical object (work of art, tweet, piece of music, etc.), which is listed in a blockchain and to which is associated a digital certificate of authenticity and ownership .

Definition of NFT in the new edition of Larousse

And, to further round out the panel of the cryptocurrency world, the artistic features of the industry also have their place in the small lines of the dictionary:

Crypto art: art movement that produces NFTs.

Definition of crypto art in the new edition of Larousse

If the terms “non-reproducible” and “tamper-proof” can however be questioned as scammers know how to divert these principles, the recognition of the dictionary represents a small event for the cryptocurrency industry.

Crypto in the Dictionary: A Victory for the Industry

How does a word join the dictionary? Several steps are necessary and it’s a real test! First, a linguist takes note of the word, provided it is frequently used. The word is then inserted into a database which will then be examined by a committee of lexicographers. It is he who determines the need or not to integrate the terms into the dictionary. The word NFT therefore traveled a long way before being accepted and, before it, Bitcoin had already made the same journey to reach Larousse and Petit Robert in 2015. It was followed, among others, by the words cryptocurrency and blockchain in the following years.

It didn’t take long for new crypto terms to enter the dictionary. This is a real victory for the industry since it means that NFTs are popular and democratized enough to make their appearance there. But also, that the crypto sphere exerts a significant influence on the population! Bitcoin, NFT and all other terms related to the sector are therefore forever immortalized on the white pages of dictionaries. Future generations will therefore be aware of it while Larousse’s decision shows how much the world of cryptocurrencies marks its time.


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The Crypto Sphere Makes a New Dictionary Entry – BeinCrypto

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