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What is the metaverse, exactly?

The metaverse or metaverse is a digital universe that exists in addition to our physical reality. It is a set of virtual worlds where people can interact, play games, communicate and do various activities.

These virtual worlds are the result of computer programming.

The phrase recently gained notoriety after Mark Zuckerberg changed the name of his company from Facebook to Meta. He also demonstrated a whole new take on the metaverse where you can instantly start a virtual video chat.

Several metaverses are already present in video games like Roblox, Minecraft Where Fortnite.

According to Craig Donato, Commercial Director of Roblox, the flagship innovation of the current metaverse are immersive experiences that allow us to do things with other people, like having adventures.

Roblox is one of neighborhoods of the metaverse. It allows you to create games in this universe and invite other players to play them.

Metaverses and digital assets

The concept of metaverse is not new. But what has made it really interesting these days is the blockchain. Using this technology, participants in the metaverse can exist in real or non-fungible token (NFT) form and hold NFTs themselves that are owned by them. So you can assert your digital assets in the metaverse.

Many blockchain-based Play-To-Earn games combine metaverses and digital assets (NFTs and cryptocurrencies). For example, the Tamadoge crypto (TAMA) is the entry token of the Tamaversethe metaverse of the future P2E game Tamadoge.

This game shows us that it’s not just about humans in the metaverse. Players will be able to create, raise and fight virtual dog NFTs and earn cryptocurrencies. You can now participate in the TAMA cryptocurrency presale that will allow you to take advantage of this metaverse.

What is the origin of the metaverse?

American science fiction writer Neal Stephenson coined the term “metaverse” in 1992. In his book Snow CrashStephenson describes the metaverse as a virtual environment where individuals communicate with digital avatars.

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To create the expression “metaverse”, he mixes the words “meta” and “universe”. But after 1992, the meaning and scope of the metaverse continued to evolve.

Subsequently, the first virtual metaverses or interactive worlds were materialized in video games with the debut of Second Life, The Sims, GTA, Fortnite and other popular franchises.

What major groups work in the metaverse?

With a rapidly growing number of potential users, technology companies cannot ignore the virtual world in which many business opportunities arise: entertainment, advertising, virtual real estate, etc.


Microsoft’s entry point into the metaverse is the Mesh platform. Users can communicate and engage with each other using online avatars during meetings through the Microsoft Teams virtual collaboration space.


Apple has a reputation for being an early adopter of advanced technologies. According to speculation, Apple is continuing the tradition by creating AR/VR headsets that will allow users to access the metaverse.

Meta (Facebook)

The company Meta (formerly Facebook) tries to provide digital solutions for everything from work to play because it believes the metaverse will be an integral part of our lives in the future.

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The Metaverse, but what is it? – The ₿log

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