The Netflix series, “Love, Death + Robots” has returned for a third season that includes NFTs to be won! | Netflix | Cryptocurrency

The final season of “Love, Death + Robots” comes with an added surprise: an NFT hunt that will give fans a new way to interact with the series.

According to the show’s website, nine QR codes are hidden in each episode. They are also disseminated in the show’s social networks, videos and advertisements. Viewers who find these hidden codes will be able to scan them on their mobile phone and mint a unique NFT with the show’s artwork on the OpenSea Marketplace.

Nine QR-code artworks of Love, Death + Robots have been scattered across the digital and physical world. To collect them all, you will have to keep an eye out“, can we read on the Netflix production portal.

Look for the Love, Death + Robots QR codes to scan them and unlock the art. Print the artwork as NFT, or right-click and save in the traditional way. The choice is yours, human.

The flight. 3 of “Love, Death + Robots” includes exclusive NFTs.

Love, Death + Robots“, Emmy winner, is a production of sci-fi, horror and sometimes comedy shorts, often mixed together. With gripping storytelling and jaw-dropping aesthetics, these standalone stories often tackle aspects of human nature from a geek’s perspective in unique ways.

Originally released in 2019, the series premiered its final volume on May 20. Renowned directors are involved in the latest production, including Tim Miller (“Deadpool”, “Terminator: Dark Fate”) and David Fincher (“Mindhunter”, “Mank”).

For the first time, the show includes a scavenger hunt with artistic elements for its fans. The initiative, which relies on NFT technology, is part of a partnership with the Web3 Feature studio.

Each NFT contains a special edition of the series artwork and is based on the Ethereum blockchain. By scanning QR codes, fans can mint NFTs, but they will have to pay a gas fee to do so. The most expensive digital token is worth 0.006 ETH or 12 USD on OpenSea. Other prices are around $6.

For those who don’t want to mint the digital token, they can also store the artwork as a JPG file, the traditional way and completely free. The NFT keystroke feature is only available to users through a MetaMask wallet or Coinbase account.

It’s unclear if this move is part of a larger attempt by popular streaming platform Netflix to break into the animated world of NFTs. Beyond that, the NFT “Love, Death + Robots” movement is undoubtedly the latest cue from the movie and entertainment industry to explore new technologies and seek new ways to interact with audiences.

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The Netflix series, “Love, Death + Robots” has returned for a third season that includes NFTs to be won! | Netflix | Cryptocurrency

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