The price of this crypto will explode when its presale is over! – The ₿log

Tamadoge succeeded in its pre-sale by defining several phases of fundraising, rather than setting a hard cap of, for example, 10 million dollars. This fundraising method has worked well and the project is in its 5th pre-sale phase. And it’s not over ! Tamadoge’s TAMA token is available for presale here.

As Tamadoge gears up for CEX listings later this year, investors who bought TAMA tokens during the presale are likely happy that the project is attracting so many crypto enthusiasts.

The project’s Play-to-earn (P2E) game proposal contributed to Tamadoge’s pre-sale success. Thanks to this concept which is gaining popularity, players can acquire bounties in the form of TAMA tokens by playing in a metaverse called Tamaverse. TAMA tokens can then be traded with Ethereum-enabled DEXs and converted into USDT or EURT stablecoins.

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Players can own animals in the form of NFTs within the Tamadoge ecosystem and use them to battle against other NFTs from other users.

Other cryptocurrency projects have also launched P2E games, but Tamadoge stands out for the game and memecoin combination having raised millions of dollars, while many similar games have only raised a few thousand euros.

Developers therefore have a lot of leeway to create quality products.

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The TAMA, which is an ERC-20 token, is a currency that can be used to gain access to project development as well as to purchase in-game goods like food and accessories for dog NFTs.

Ultimately, Tamadoge attracts a wide range of potential investors because of its use cases, not just because it’s a potentially explosive memecoin.

Tamadoge Price Prediction (TAMA)

The P2E reward system is not yet accessible since the Tamadoge environment is under development.

When the token is launched for trading, it is expected that the token will launch at $0.03. Some of the early investors who bought the token during the first presale phase at $0.01 are likely to take profit causing the price to drop. But new buyers will come into play to push the price higher.

Many analysts expect a long-term price of $0.3 (x10 from the introductory price).

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The price of this crypto will explode when its presale is over! – The ₿log

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