The true power of bitcoin (BTC) in a collection of stories

Initially, cryptocurrencies and all their ecosystems, including non-fungible tokens (NFTs), were of little interest to investors. As a result, the majority thought that cryptocurrencies, first and foremost bitcoin, were only made for millionaires. But, in view of the growth it is experiencing with the general public, the world is ready to accept the fact that it is accessible to all. Many stories bear witness to this.

Bitcoinforthe100 is a compilation of powerful stories from real people around the world who have embraced Bitcoin to change their lives for the better

Global adoption of bitcoin (BTC) is imminent

It all started with a speculation that bitcoin was popular with users. This popularity led inexorably to a meteoric rise. The proof being that it is currently one of the most coveted cryptocurrencies. Despite the fact that its price has registered a significant decline lately, it should be noted that the volume of transactions has remained intact on a global scale. Despite its volatile nature, bitcoin remains a tenacious and resilient asset.

Moreover, mere speculation as a hallmark of bitcoin is now refuted: Indeed, concrete use cases have demonstrated its power. It is now used for payments, remittances, but also as a safe haven.

In Africa, Latin America and even Asia, the use of bitcoin is now very common. Moreover, the community is beginning to realize its true power and that of digital assets. She sees in them an alternative to traditional banking systems. Thus, bitcoin opens up to all unbanked people demonstrating that it is accessible to all.

Bitcoinforthe100 collects stories about bitcoin (BTC) usage

It seems that bitcoin is finding its place more and more among the populations. On Twitter #Bitcoinforthe100 reveals the stories of these anonymous people.

In Brazil, a country devastated by digital scams of all kinds, people did not believe in the efficiency of this currency. ” Here in Brazil there are many bitcoin investments and most of them are scams” Angela affirmed. It was in 2016, when she first heard about this asset.

Angela then talks about her story with her daughter who lives in the United States and the financial freedom that bitcoin gives them. She is convinced of the effectiveness of peer-to-peer platforms for sending money. Thanks to this cryptocurrency, the transaction is both fast and free.

Other people who hear about bitcoin decide to get into ittrading. This is the case of Apryl. She even calls adventure with bitcoin exciting, fun, and ultra-beneficial.


Bitcoin is charting its course into the future with great success. The advantage is that it is suitable for everyone, on a planetary scale. Acceptance of bitcoin is purely a matter of education. The better you know it, the more you will benefit from using it.

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The true power of bitcoin (BTC) in a collection of stories

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