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Ukraine: according to Kurt Ivythe global support that the Ukrainians have received since the beginning of the war is a beacon of hope for this country.

However, despite this massive compassion and support, Ukrainian cities are still being bombarded by Russian forces. This ongoing destruction of Ukraine’s important cities and infrastructure needs as much help as possible.

Putin seems determined to achieve his goals. However, thanks to cryptocurrencies, the Ukrainian government was able to receive donations and buy some weapons to respond to the Russian offensive. People fear, however, that Putin is using cryptocurrencies to evade economic sanctions. However, it seems that Ukraine benefits much more than Russia.

Avoiding a possible Third World War by providing military support, equipment and money seems to be the best way for the people of the world to get involved. Many neighboring countries of Ukraine are fully willing to reach out to him, but they cannot do so for free. Indeed, the granting of this aid will make it possible to preserve the resources of neighboring areas. Cryptocurrencies are proven to be safe, fast and efficient compared to other means of money transfer. In addition to offering more transparency in transactions, digital currencies can be used anywhere in the world.

NB: If you wish to support Ukraine, here is a listing ways you can use.

Besides the destruction of important infrastructure, Ukraine faced several other problems that only money could solve. Unfortunately, the country’s financial system was destroyed by the invasion. Thus, NFTs quickly became the ideal tool to help Ukrainians affected by the war. In order to finance the evacuation of the most vulnerable refugees, Ukrainian developers launched UkraineDAO, an NFT depicting their country’s flag. Funds raised were also to be used to rebuild structures that Russian soldiers had destroyed.

Likewise, several artists living in dangerous areas have used NFTs to raise funds and leave the country with their families. Soon, several collaborations will take place with other artists around the world. The main objective is to develop a global community capable of channeling resources where they are needed most, over an extended period of time. Sure, quick supply is important, but it can run out very quickly. The circulation of goods cannot stop.

Currently, there are more than 100 NFT collections aimed at helping Ukrainians who are suffering from the war. On the other hand, the developers are working on the tokenization of some works that are already available. Below are some of the best NFT and crypto projects exclusively dedicated to funding the Ukrainian military.

Ukraine MKMRE

One of the most interesting NFT projects is “Ukraine MKMRE” which was launched by AI Foundation. MKMRE is the English abbreviation of “Medical Kits and Prepared Meals”. This project brings together former State Department officials, technology entrepreneurs and former military personnel who quickly stepped up after the situation for Afghan refugees deteriorated. When Afghan citizens needed help, Ukraine was one of the few countries to reach out. Today, Ukrainians and some Afghan refugees receive this same support.

With a supply chain of over $20 million worth of supplies available for purchase, the MKMRE team, which is split between Ukraine and Poland, needs to raise funds to distribute medical kits and meals directly to those who need it most.

Famous supporters of the project include Tim Draper, an investor, who is also part of the Oculus founding team alongside Micheal Antonov. Former astronaut Terry Verts also got involved as a core team member. Thus, it helps to build relationships, raise funds and coordinate the activities of the organization.

Another key member of the team is Sophia Mahfooz, born in Afghanistan and a refugee for eight years. She knows very well what will happen if Ukrainians do not build new lives and stay in camps for two decades. In addition, the MKMRE team will do everything possible to obtain visas and accommodation for the refugees.

Their NFT collection created by TokenSociety enabled them to collect an amount of $500,000. At the moment, their goal is to reach $1 million or more.


Other NFT projects that support Ukraine include that of the team ofAltar. Indeed, the members of the project also have a personal connection to the war, as some of their close family members are trapped in the country and they do their best to save them.

The project brings together a group of Ukrainian engineers and artists who collaborate to sell NFTs to raise funds and build what they call the “Meta Museum of Ukrainian Glory“. This meta-museum was created so that Russians who oppose the war and people from all over the world can come together and freely and openly share their thoughts.

This video was recorded by the Altar metaverse team. It gives an overview of the current situation in Ukraine and shows how the life of Ukrainians has completely changed. The video also demonstrates two things: the good work that the soldiers are doing and the impact of the donations sent to the country.

Ukraine These NFT and crypto projects that support the war

Ukraine DAO

The Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) of Ukraine maintains an NFT collection on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. It is the result of a collaboration between Nadya Toloknnikova and members of PleasrDAO and Tippy Labs. Together, they raised a sum of 2,188 ETH, or $5.5 million. The public auction offered participants the opportunity to jointly bid on Ukrainian flag NFTs. All participants received ERC tokens, which varied depending on their donations. Some got ERC-20 tokens, and others got different types of tokens. What matters, however, is that this sale raised funds that will go directly to humanitarian NGOs in Ukraine.

Waone Interesni Kazki

Wayne Intersni Kazki is a collection that illustrates different perspectives through the eyes and minds of people. The artists created these NFTs with the aim of raising funds for Ukraine. Wayne Interesni Kazki NFT will soon be donating 50% of its designs to Ukrainian causes.

Holy Water

This NFT collection of works of art is mainly owned by Ukrainians. This is an initiative to raise funds to help Ukrainians affected by the war. Profits from NFTs are donated to the Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation. Bohdan Nevis, CEO of Holy Water, hopes to raise at least $1 million from NFT sales. Each artwork will be sold for 0.08 ETH + gas fee. Once sold out, the works will be exhibited on OpenSea. Currently, Holy Water brings together nearly 1,000 artists.

The other NFT projects to discover

Many NFT projects help raise funds for Ukrainians. OpenSea, for example, is an NFT platform that currently hosts several fundraising artworks. Other NFT projects that fully or partially support Ukraine include:

  • Machine
  • midnight
  • Mistersoul216
  • Pitler or Hutin
  • Kyiv Commanding Presence
  • Kyiv Oblast

The Future Role of Cryptocurrencies in Humanitarian Aid

As painful as it can be, war also helps to recognize the value of new technologies. Undoubtedly, cryptocurrencies have quickly saved many lives. Perhaps in another era, human ingenuity would have broken through physical barriers. But in this age of comfort and convenience, people need to be able to mobilize and distribute resources around the world at any time.

We can only hope that next time this technology will be used to fight disease, famine and poverty. Certainly, Ukraine must remain our main objective until the war and its consequences are managed. However, many other communities need help just as much.

Crypto not only offers us a way to spread wealth, but also a tool to distribute governance and power. It enables communication, building communities and enhancing sovereignty to an unprecedented degree. If Ukraine had embedded cryptocurrencies deeply into its core infrastructure, it would never have been deprived of the funding it needed to survive and succeed. Of course, we don’t blame them.

Going forward, community-dedicated tokens and DAOs will go a long way in empowering vulnerable populations and protecting their long-term wealth and prosperity.

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