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Voyager Digital is preparing its auction to replenish its coffers. The news helped the company regain some popularity.

A chip again in the green

Voyager Digital is recovering from its bankruptcy and has already proposed several initiatives to allow the reimbursement of its creditors. Despite the outcry over its latest proposal, the company appears to be banking everything on auctioning off its assets. While several entities would have come forward to buy the company, the court would indeed have decided that the assets of Voyager Digital would be sold at auction.

Although Voyager Digital appears to be on its way out, the organized sale create enthusiasm. Looking forward to the event that will take place next week, the company’s token is enjoying a burst of hope. According to data from CoinMarket Cap, Voyager Token (VGX) has indeed gained more than 30% of its value in a matter of days.

Source: VGX price according to CoinMarketCap

The sudden rise of the asset, which has several times exceeded the symbolic euro, could be justified by the attraction of profit. Indeed, the asset auction could include a number of VGX. Purchasing them could drive up the price of the coin. Some greedy users could therefore acquire as many tokens as possible in order to resell them later, with a profit.

However, it could be the opposite effect. Once the assets are purchased, they could be resold immediately. Similarly, former customers who still hold a few tokens might dump them as a deal-closing.

Yet another scandal for Voyager Digital

Despite the imminence of the closing of its chapter, Voyager Digital continues to cause scandal. Recently, a new element concerning the management of his bankruptcy was updated. The company would have continued to take purchase orders even though it was no longer able to honor them. The event would have occurred after the freezing of withdrawals for its customers. Voyager Digital would therefore have already been aware of its difficulties but would have continued its activity as if nothing had happened.

One of the creditors, Shaik Taj Baba has lodged a complaint against the bankrupt company. He would have ordered the purchase of 10,000 USDC before seeing his order put on hold. The money paid for the acquisition of the parts would have been withheld by Voyager. Simple problem of consistency or desperate attempt to recover money, the reasons for this initiative have not been revealed. However, the case will have had the effect of adding one more disadvantage to the balance of the company. It remains to be seen if the conclusions of the bankruptcy will prove particularly bitter for her.


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Voyager Digital: despite a new scandal, the company’s token regains some color – BeinCrypto International

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