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Adding cryptocurrencies to crypto exchange listings has been positive for crypto assets themselves as well as crypto exchanges

Continually expanding its presence in the crypto space, crypto exchange giant Coinbase has expanded custodial support to around half a dozen altcoins comprising four DeFi or decentralized finance tokens. In its recent announcement, the US-based crypto exchange said it was adding six new cryptocurrencies to its list of over 200 assets already part of Coinbase’s cold storage trust.

Coinbase Custody is primarily a custody service that serves institutional investors with lots of money. He was professionally qualified in New York State and designed to offer his clients a highly secure way to obtain large amounts of cryptocurrencies.

The first altcoin that got permission from Coinbase to be added to the list is Bifrost (BFC), a DeFi protocol built on the Kusama (KSM) that billed itself as the world’s first blockchain middleware. This platform makes it easy for engineers to leverage multiple blockchains and merge the best features of different protocols. Bifrost (BFC) jumped overnight from its weekly low of around $0.13 to $0.15, but has since corrected with BFC now down around 5.97% and priced around 0 .13$.

Next on Coinbase Custody’s list is Coin98 (C98), an Ethereum-based token, which describes itself as an all-in-one challenge platform where its users can stake, borrow, lend, trade and earn crypto rewards. Currently, Coin98 is down around 6.52% while trading at $1.30.

Also, DODO (DODO) joins the list of Coinbase cold wallets, a liquidity-providing multi-chain challenge exchange prepared for Web 3. From here, users can self-mine their tokens, create pools cash and split their NFTs or not. – fungible tokens. At the time of writing, DODO is down 6.12% and trading at $0.34.

Coinbase also added to its roster is Reef Finance (REEF), the platform that serves DeFi users, non-fungible tokens, and gaming. This community project is cross-chain and Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible. Currently, Reef Finance (REEF) is experiencing a slight decline in price, where it is trading at $0.007 with a rise of 3.35%.

The other remaining altcoins are Metal (MTL) and Prometeus (PROM), where the former is an Ethereum-based altcoin project and the latter is an open-source network. Metal (MTL) is designed to generalize the concept of crypto payments, where the Metal Pay wallet application allows its users to buy, sell and exchange cryptocurrencies and send capital to their contacts. While an open source network, Prometeus (PROM) prioritized freedom of speech for which it allowed users to monetize their data.

Currently, the price of the metal is down 7.60% and trading at $2.50 per year. Prometeus (PROM) is trading at around $8.23 with a slight decline of 1.3%.

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What Are These Six Altcoins That Crypto Exchange Giant Coinbase Has Offered Custody Support? – Tech Tribune France

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