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Unizen Exchange is a new class of digital asset exchange that offers global traders and retail investors access to exciting blockchain projects through the combined functionality of a CEX, secure DEX, indicators AI-powered social sentiment and industry-level liquidity. a seamless user experience. Keep reading and learn more about the Unizen project.

What is Unizen (ZCX)?

Unizen is an operating system for cross-chain exchange applications. Applications on Unizen are called modules integrated into the ecosystem. This allows merchants to access a multitude of decentralized and centralized trading products, interacting with comprehensive product innovation or through Unizen’s trading aggregation algorithms.

Unizen provides a simple interface that caters to all traders to acquire any asset, at the best rates across a multitude of liquidity pools. The Unizen CeFi module is powered by Binance Cloud, which allows users to execute trades against liquidity shared by Binance on the platform.

ZCX is the native utility token used for:

  • Dynamic multi-asset staking
  • Reduced trading fees
  • Exchange governance
  • Direct access to ZenX Labs wallet

How does Unizen (ZCX) work?

Unizen solves this problem by combining the innovative components of centralized and decentralized finance (CeDeFi) to provide an intuitive UX environment for crypto enthusiasts and developers to interact effortlessly. Unizen is a smart exchange ecosystem with an all-in-one protocol that solves regulatory issues, facilitates cryptocurrency trading, and offers lower transaction costs and faster speeds.

However, decentralized exchanges continue to rise due to incentivized activation protocols offered by blockchain networks and Binance Smart Chain to create innovative dApps for the cryptocurrency community. The big questions are how exactly does Unizen stand out from the crowd and what makes it more viable than existing solutions? Let’s find out more about it below.

Dynamic layout of several assets

Placing ZCX on the Unizen platform will yield rewards in a host of digital assets. These rewards are not limited to a single network and are earned through a pool of nodes operated by the Unizen team, as well as through ZenX incubated projects or registration fees. Unizen: DMAS will also earn stake stipends in series of up-and-coming and up-and-coming projects for a fraction of the public sale price.

CeDeFi protocols

By combining BSC’s CEX and DEX capabilities, Unizen expands its functionality so that crypto traders, investors, and developers can interact securely and without fear of reaching for the neck of authority. CeDeFi is the latest crypto trend and has given the crypto community a phenomenal head start in overcoming the limitations encountered with DeFi applications. Additionally, Unizen’s smart FX hybridization allows traders to trade at low fees and at a faster pace, overcoming the fear of spread slippage and accepting better trades and orders.

Lunar Crush

LunarCrush is a social media analytics tool that uses AI algorithms to track and monitor cryptocurrency market events on social media and provide this information to traders and investors. Unizen partners with LunarCrush to provide first-hand insights, aggregating asset market movements to enable investors to make informed decisions on the best trading and asset practices they wish to adopt.

Altcoin Tournament

The Altcoins Tournament, stylized as the Alts Tournament, is another Unizen-exclusive offering that uses metrics from social media cryptocurrency communities to vote on high-performing crypto assets or altcoins. The tournament mimics sports processes, where altcoins go through stages and progress to the final round. Unizen uses LunarCrush’s AI-powered tool to rank scores. Scores include:

  • Unizen Smart Score (ZSS). This determines the winner of the final round. It combines measurements from the Zen Twitter Indicator (ZTI) and the Zen Sentiment Indicator (ZSI).
  • ZTI and ZSI are other features that Unizen uses to verify tournament and aggregate data from respective crypto assets. They provide scores based on market movements and social media analysis of these assets.

Each tournament round takes approximately 24-48 hours. After the final round, the winning asset receives a free listing and support on the Unizen CeDeFi exchange.

Unizen Modules

In order to offer high liquidity solutions to traders, Unizen structures its architecture in two modules that combine the protocols of the CEX and DEX ecosystems.

  • Custom Logic Modules – The Custom Logic Module combines elements of the CEX and DEX ecosystems, respectively, to provide a custom trading environment for traders and developers of all skill levels. Through Binance Smart Chain, Unizen integrates CEX protocols and, with DeFi partnerships, integrates cross-chain AI algorithms to provide intuitive user experiences for traders.
  • Third-Party Modules – Unizen gives developers full privileges to integrate their tools into their DeFi applications through their API node. It also provides a software development kit (SDK), which developers with basic programming knowledge can use to design and integrate third-party modules. There are tips on how to use the SDK, which makes it more interesting and easier to understand.

Unizen: KYC Compliance

Unizen partners with AlianceBlock, a CeDeFi-compliant liquidity provider, to protect merchants against breaches of KYC laws. Traders and investors can customize their KYC options and trade on Unizen just like they do on CEX platforms.

  • Customer Support – Unizen connects with its user through various means including social media, Github and Medium. You get tons of information about the nature of the platform through its media and blog sections. There is a customer support section where investors enter queries and receive feedback. Their social media platforms are great ways to connect with other users and get feedback from the Unizen team.
  • Security – Unizen’s security compliance is excellent, and the fact that it runs on Binance Cloud, a highly secure DeFi solution, makes it even more secure. Investors can trade on a very secure DEX platform with implemented CeDeFi protocols and Unizen multi-level partnerships.

ZCX token

ZCX is an exchange-based utility token built on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-20 token. The Unizen Exchange runs on top of Binance Cloud’s trading and security infrastructure. The functionality of ZCX is analogous to that of BNB on Binance. Part of the registration fees collected (in ZCX) will be distributed among the following allocations:

  • insurance fund
  • Burn – ZCX will be burned with every paid ad
  • Betting rewards – allocated to a betting pool

ZCX for ZCX exchange governance to reduce trading fees

Trading fees will be automatically deducted from your ZCX holdings if you have ZCX in your UNIZEN:CEX module wallet. This will give you huge trading discounts on the platform.

Dynamic multi-asset staking

ZCX holders have the ability to stake their tokens to earn a variety of other tokenized assets. The Unizen team also hosts and manages an ever-growing pool of nodes from various projects in the space. A percentage of the rewards from nodes in this pool will also be distributed to ZCX bettors.

Direct access to ZenX Labs wallet

ZCX staking will also earn staking tickets, allowing investment in early rounds of ZenX projects, as well as Unizen-hosted IEOs in the future. Unizen provides an ecosystem where you can use the best of a DEX and a CEX with all liquidity included and regulated. ZCX will be the token to power all actions on the platform and usage will burn ZCX.

Where to buy the ZCX token?

The token can be purchased on several major cryptocurrency exchanges, among the most important: MEXC, KuCoin, Gate.io and FMFW.io.

Unizen (ZCX) Price Prediction

The price of Unizen is likely to reach a maximum level of $0.2504 throughout 2022. According to our Crypto Price Prediction Index, in 2023, the price of Unizen (ZCX) might reach a maximum level of $0.4820, with a average trading price of 0.3584 USD. According to our Crypto Price Prediction Index, in 2025, ZCX is expected to cross an average price level of $0.581.

The minimum Unizen price expected at the end of the current year should be $0.537. Additionally, ZCX can reach a maximum price level of $0.592. Unizen price is expected to reach the lowest possible level of $2030 at 0.948. According to our Crypto Price Prediction Index, the price of ZCX may reach a maximum possible level of $0.715, with an expected average price of $0.715.

Future plans, leadership and partnership

Unizen partners with industry-leading DeFi and CeDeFi organizations and solutions to integrate a variety of invaluable tools and protocols that support innovative designs to keep the DeFi ecosystem running on well-balanced wheels . Its leadership includes a team of well-founded industry experts who have deep knowledge and enthusiasm in the blockchain and DeFi ecosystem. With so many years of experience and their desire to advance the DeFi ecosystem, they aim to inspire more DeFi developers to build intuitive next-gen dApps.

With the second quarter to follow, more modules and incentive projects will be integrated and will receive seed funding, IDOs and liquidity provided by investors. Unizen’s main partners include beTRUST, BlockUnify, Jun, of course, LunarCrush, with a host of new partners ready to join the project. Thanks to this, innovative projects will be audited and launched.


Unizen is the first CeDeFi exchange to combine the functionality of its own and third-party CEX and DEX to meet the needs of retail and institutional traders. Unizen Exchange is able to find the most profitable trades on various exchange modules, including Binance, to provide you with the best deals, reliable performance, and a safe environment for high-volume trades. PortalCripto hopes that reading the article has clarified everything about the Unizen project for you, the reader.

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What is the Unizen crypto token (ZCX), CeDeFi, CEX and DEX? | PortalCrypto

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