Which Altcoin for 2022? Top 10 Best Bitcoin Alternatives

Cryptocurrencies represent extraordinary growth potential for people wishing to earn money through trading or investing or in technological innovation via the blockchain.

The hardest part of crypto remains determining what to invest in, the choice being very vast. Let’s take a look at 10 alternatives to traditional Bitcoin.

Bitcoin remains the king

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency. The increase in its value is already very substantial and, if its potential has not yet been reached and it is still largely possible to see its bet multiplied by 10 in the next few years, it will not experience a meteoric rise.

Keep in mind that the entire crypto ecosystem is driven by the value of Bitcoin. Many cryptos can still only be purchased with Bitcoin today. In addition, Bitcoin is the leading indicator followed by investors. If Bitcoin dips, panic sets in and everything else collapses. If looking for alternatives to bitcoin to gain yield is important, owning bitcoin remains the basis.

Architecture Cryptos and DeFi

In a perspective of crypto trading, we can cite large crypto-currencies that still have great potential for evolution. The first being of course the Ethereum, which in addition to having a project and a solid team concentrates around it a real ecosystem. In the same vein of architecture cryptos, we can cite Polkadot and Solana which are very solid. As a very serious outsider in this sector, it is impossible not to mention the essential Elrond.

For a crypto to increase in value, it must have a utility. In addition to allowing the development of applications, some allow you to transfer money, lend funds, insure your assets. This is called DeFi (for Decentralized Finance). Some cryptos are ahead in this area and retain great growth potential, such as Avalanche, Uniswap or Oasis Network.

Stablecoins, games and decentralized protocols

The initial idea of ​​crypto was to allow perfect decentralization of transactions as well as strong confidentiality. Certain cryptos (Monero and ZCash) have specialized in it and it is to be bet that they will retain a utility in the future.

Some games that run on the blockchain have their own tokens, like Axie Infinity or Decentraland. However, we do not recommend trading on these values: the day the game no longer interests anyone, the token loses all its usefulness.

Finally, it is essential to talk about stablecoins. Conversion fiat-crypto is binding and that is why crypto-currencies that duplicate the value of certain currencies such as the dollar or the euro are developing. Their value will not increase but some tokens are attached to other ecosystems which may increase in value. This is the case of Binance Coin and BUSD which are both pegged to Binance.

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Which Altcoin for 2022? Top 10 Best Bitcoin Alternatives

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