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The crypto bear market shows no signs of letting up, but some assets seem to have managed to hold their own. Indeed, a few rare cryptos, including RBIS, the project’s native token ArbiSmartdemonstrate exceptional resilience to market volatility.

ArbiSmart is a financial services hub EU approved. As Bitcoin, Dogecoin and other major cryptocurrencies plunge into the red, RBIS continues to climb the ladder.

Without further ado, let’s see how this project stands out from the crowd.

Sustained growth in the midst of the bear market

The ArbiSmart ecosystem includes a service ofautomated crypto arbitragewhich allows you to protect your crypto from market volatility while generating passive income, making it very profitable in this bear market time.

As a reminder, crypto arbitrage is a method that allows you to take advantage of the price differences of a cryptocurrency on several different platforms. These small price discrepancies can be explained by several factors, including the disparity in trading volumes between large and small exchanges, etc. Similarly, arbitrage opportunities are available both during bull markets and during bear markets.

ArbiSmart’s algorithm monitors assets on almost 40 crypto exchanges at once, and whenever it detects a temporary price difference, it automatically buys at the lowest price before instantly selling at the highest price. In this way, users benefit from a return of up to 45% per year (depending on the amount deposited).

Whether the market is in the green or in the red, ArbiSmart’s interest-generating portfolio allows you to achieve stable and constant gains. The latter offers returns of up to 147% per year on 25 different FIAT currencies and cryptocurrencies.

The platform also offers a wide range of savings plans ranging in duration from one month to five years. Of course, the longer the lockout time, the better the performance.

In addition, the exact interest rate depends on the level of the holder’s account, which is determined by the number of RBIS tokens he owns. The more RBIS you have in your wallet, the more your earnings will increase, regardless of the currencies you hold (Euro, Bitcoin, etc.). That said, RBIS deposits yield three times more gains than other assets.

How you decide to collect your interest also impacts your earnings. You can either send them to your checking account to withdraw at any time, or add them to your savings accounts to maximize your earnings. In addition, even if your savings balance is in BTC, ETH or USD, you can collect your interest in RBIS, which guarantees you more substantial income.

Multiple revenue streams on a single protocol

ArbiSmart is in the midst of a massive development campaign, which began this summer, with the introduction of a wallet in early July. By the end of 2022, the project team will launch a new mobile application allowing the purchase, sale, storage and exchange of cryptocurrencies.

The platform will also introduce a DeFi protocol with new gamification features. In addition to a 0.3% commission on all transaction fees, users of the protocol will be able to generate a return of up to 190,000%.

This winter, ArbiSmart will also launch its own collection of digital artworks as well as an NFT Marketplace, where users can buy and sell all types of non-fungible tokens. The company also plans to launch a professional exchange as well as a gaming metaverse, where players will have the opportunity to win real money.

From games to trading, savings plans, NFTs and staking, ArbiSmart allows its users to multiply their income streams. Without forgetting of course the gains that the latter can derive from the rise in the price of the RBIS crypto.

RBIS: growing demand

According to analysts, the RBIS crypto is expected to multiply its current value by 48x by the end of December. Several indicators point to such a positive development, but it is above all the growing demand for the token that arouses the optimism of experts.

Since its inception, ArbiSmart has steadily grown in popularity and more and more crypto investors are using it to protect against falling prices. Rather than sitting idle waiting for the market to recover, users prefer to take advantage of the protocol’s services, including the automated crypto arbitrage system and the interest-generating wallet. In effect, ArbiSmart enables them to make substantial and consistent profits while minimizing their risks. This, whatever the market situation.


Similarly, existing services and all those that will soon be added to the ArbiSmart ecosystem require the use of RBIS crypto. Thus, with each new service, the demand for RBIS will increase.

For example, since ArbiSmart’s new wallet gained traction, demand for the RBIS token has increased. Today, more and more investors are locking RBIS for long durations, taking it out of circulation. Something that automatically reduces the available supply.

Note also that the supply of the RBIS crypto is capped at 450 million tokens. Therefore, if demand continues to increase and the ecosystem continues to expand over the coming weeks and months, the available supply will decrease and the price of the token will increase.

With all the advantages it offers to users, it is not surprising that the price of the RBIS token increases in the middle of the bear market. To start making profits in this time of crisis, buy RBIS!


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While Bitcoin and Dogecoin were in the red, this token soared 350% in September – BeinCrypto International

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