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During a Senate Finance Committee hearing last year, Janet Yellen said that the crypto-currencies were “worrying” and used “mainly for illicit financing”. Ms Yellen called for finding ways to “limit their use” and ensure that cryptocurrencies do not facilitate money laundering.

Although the crypto industry was started specifically to make the world of finance more honest and transparent, the opinions of people like Yellen – currently the US Treasury Secretary – represent a sizeable percentage of society. According to a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center of more than 10,000 US citizens, 75% of respondents knew “little or not at all” about crypto.

Cardano and EverGrow Coin are two projects with the common goal of building trust in blockchain technology. Although their goals are similar, they come from different disciplines: Cardano comes from a rigorous academic tradition, while EverGrow Coin has high-level investment experts in its team.

As Cardano is currently the fastest growing crypto-token, we will examine which of these two projects could offer investors the best return on investment in 2022.

Cardano – a positive global change

Cardano’s name will not be familiar to everyone. But for those who know him, he says a lot: Cardano is named after the Italian polymath Gerolamo Cardano, who advanced mathematics and physics in the 16th century. See the article: Why did Ethereum, Polkadot and Harmony prices soar this weekend?. Cardano’s token is also referred to as “ADA”, in reference to the 19th century British mathematician Ada Lovelace, considered the world’s first female computer engineer.

Cardano’s strength lies in an academic approach to blockchain technology, where changes to the network must undergo rigorous peer review before being accepted. Cardano’s website describes it as a blockchain platform for “changemakers, innovators, and visionaries” as it aims to bring about “positive global change” through blockchain technology.

One of the primary use cases for Cardanos is for tracking supply chains in agriculture. The Ethiopian government, for example, has shown interest in using Cardano’s blockchain platform to accurately and fairly track the coffee supply chain. A decentralized ledger system could ensure honest product accounting and ensure that growers are rewarded appropriately.

Cardano price is currently up 34% in the past week. It is currently trading at $1.20.

EverGrow Coin – a cryptocurrency that generates its own “positive volume”.

EverGrow Coin is a bit like all the top cryptocurrency developments merged into a single token. The project was launched in September as a think token on the BNB channel. On the same subject : Top 3 Crypto Price Predictions Today: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple – Investors Flee Cryptocurrencies as Locals Flee Kyiv. To date, it has paid over $35.5 million in reflections to coin holders and quickly became the first such project in the Binance ecosystem. Today, he is aiming even higher.

EverGrow coin musings are funded by a 14% transaction tax, 8% of which is distributed instantly via smart contracts to coin holders. As long as you hold EGC in your cryptocurrency wallet, you will receive daily payments in BUSD (Binance USD). Another 2% of the transaction tax is set aside for strategic coin burns – making EverGrow Coin a hyper-deflationary token as well as a reflective token.

But EverGrow Coin President Sam Kelly wants crypto to do more for coin holders. He announced the launch of a suite of apps where all profits will be shared among coin holders – either 100% in the form of rewards or 100% in burnt coins that drive up the price of EGC. This means that even when prices in the cryptocurrency market are falling, EverGrow coin holders will continue to see income in their wallets.

The first of these apps to roll out is Crator, a content subscription platform that facilitates crypto and fiat payments. The second is an NFT marketplace that allows NFTs to be borrowed as collateral – a first in crypto. Before the end of 2022, EverGrow Coin will merge these apps into The Abstract metaverse that offers cloud-streamed quality VR gaming experiences.

The EverGrow coin currently has a price of $0.0000004651.

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Will Cardano (ADA) and EverGrow Coin emerge as the cryptos offering the best return on investment? – Mag Mirror

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