WizeFrog Brings Massive Investment Into Cryptocurrency

Paris, France, May 6, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — WizeFrog is preparing to launch a project under his leadership that will combine the disruptive notion of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) with the power of crypto venture capital funds. The platform community will be able to create wealth and multiple streams of passive income through the crowd-funded project. Additionally, the company intends to distribute revenue from high-quality IDOs, seed investments, and DeFi opportunities to its members.

WizeFrog’s platform will allow all members to benefit from investments in crypto-blockchain projects and protocols, resulting in a decentralized community economy that returns financial authority to the people.

Since the platform will be open to everyone, the community will have secured allocations from the top tiers of the biggest launch pads. WizeFrog will build a portfolio of hand-picked launchpads to achieve maximum allocations, ensuring that all token holders receive fair proceeds on a regular basis, based on the acquisition dates of the IDOs involved.

WizeFrog will also look for opportunities in the DeFI industry while seeking to protect its portfolio by investing in diversified yield farms with a competitive APY to ensure consistency and increase in revenue collected and dispersed. Additionally, to multiply passive income streams, the focus of treasury funds will be to maximize returns for token holders through a diverse array of investment strategies in the DeFi space.

The goal of the platform, as expected, is to provide its community with a variety of opportunities to start earning passive income. Here is a list of potential sources of passive income.

  • IoT
  • Yield farming – FaaS
  • Yield of Staked Launchpads Tokens
  • Percentage of transaction taxes (3%) in BUSD
  • Occasional profits fall, when the Treasury has excess liquidity.

WizeFrog is pleased to announce that a 3% tax on all buy and sell transactions will automatically be redistributed to all members in Digital US Dollars (BUSD). Additionally, token holders will receive prorated shares of the fund’s profits from IDO investments, Yield Farming products, and future investment ideas in their portfolio each month.

The company will eventually move to a DAO, in which community votes are included in the project. WizeFrog’s mission is to become a completely decentralized and regulated community platform; so it’s done. Additionally, to incentivize token holders, the company will quickly offer staking solutions with attractive APYs.

WizeFrog presale on Pinksale will start on May 11E (more details soon on the main social networks). The company has set aside 20% of the $WIZE tokens for presale.

WizeFrog is a decentralized crypto investment fund that offers its community a significant profit opportunity. For more information, users can visit the website here. Also, users can follow WizeFrog official website Telegram and Twitter accounts.


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WizeFrog Brings Massive Investment Into Cryptocurrency

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